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        Ominus is a casual guild that understands real life take priority over playing Everquest 2. We are an adult guild and do use off color humor. We are currently raiding with an alliance and are building a raid force. Feel free to look around and make yourself at home.
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Ward of Elements (WoE) Follow-Up

Angus-Befallen, Dec 1, 10 4:21 PM.
This Event has been CANCELLED

Guild Bank

hayleybefallen, Nov 14, 10 9:34 PM.
Guild Bank works as follows:

Guild Bank 1
Use this bank to place any items either you make or find that you would like to donate to others in the guid. Items placed in here will have a shelf life. After a amount of time I will remove some to make room for other items and sell these on my broker. All moneys made will be placed in guild bank 4 to pay for items for the guild. Anytime an item is removed and you had plans to take it out just hit me up and i will pull it and give it to you.

Guild Bank 2
This is for any collection items or L&L. Take whatever you need. Nothing in here will have a shelf life. So when its full its full.

Guild Bank 3
This is for all rares. Only officers and leaders may pull from this section. If you need something out of here please send mail to Monoe and she will see that you get what you need. Free rares in guild bank r ment for MAINS only. If you need one for an alt you will havethe option to purchess for a discounted price and funds will go into guid bank 4 for guild funds.

Guilf bank 4
Its the raid bank. Simple enough. Only Leaders will give items out from here. Feel free to donate money for the guild into this location.

If you have questions on anything on the guild bank feel free to mail me or hit me with a tell anytime.

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